Billed as "Your connection to money, benefits and jobs", this is the official Department of Defense website for transitioning personnel.

It is vastly improved from the job posting board it once was. There are quite a few resources that are worth looking into as you prepare to seperate from the service. With this site in it's current state, the Department of Defense could save a lot of money by eliminating the face-to-face service that is provided. The information here is exactly what transitioning servicemembers will get in their 2-3 day crash course in their last two weeks of service.

I contend that there still is a lot of work to be done. There is more to the transitioning of servicemembers than how to find a job. It is an entirely new culture that our service men and women will face. If you are not prepared for that culture change, or have the resources or guidance to deal with it, you will suffer in the job market. You will find yourself trying to change a work environment that lacks discipline, training and loyalty (the values within the military that you have been programmed for).

TurboTAP is the right place to start. It is, however just that...a starting point.

Find TurboTAP here. TurboTAP



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